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Long time no LJ

Coming back to LJ tonight has been just a little like opening a time capsule. I last posted here shortly before my 27th birthday in December 2007.

A lot of things have happened in the three years. Too much really to update all here. In brief, Im now working in Glasgow as a solicitor specialising in family law. I've been there since August 2008 and I love it.

Ive taken to trying every activity and experience (within reason!) that I fancy. Ive learned to snowboard, tried surfing, done more travelling, gone back to singing lessons and soon Ill be going white water rafting. I have a number of other activities to tick off my "bucket list".

I'm not on LJ much but you can find me on twitter (http://twitter.com) and facebook (http://www.facebook.com) so if you're on either of those and you'd like to friend me / follow me let me know!

Aberdeen Visit

For those of you who do not have islandboy on your friends list. You may be interested in popping across for videos and photo of our Aberdeen visit.


Red Cup Joy

I've lost count of just how many Gingerbread lattes, and other variations, I've had so far and it's only 5th December. I know Starbucks isn't quality coffee but I do enjoy a Gingerbread Latte (especially in a red takeaway cup).

Oh Gingerbread Latte how I love you:

Are these the right words to Born To die I am not so sure. Especially verse one and two. Help please :)

Read more...Collapse )

Mental note: visit the winner's guest house.

I love porridge but judging a porridge contest* would be hard - everybody, well amost everybody, has their own ideas about what makes good porridge.

My ideal bowl? Salt, never sugar!, and a submarine consistency i.e. floats in the milk.

*Oh the excitement. Well maybe not :)

</> weird rant over


I want...

one of these:

"I'll have a return ticket to Bloomingdales, NY please!"


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